The Serpent Collection: The Serpent is a captivating symbol of unstoppable creativity and limitless imagination, as well as an ever-evolving symbol of glamour and sensuality. A seductive symbol of contemporary transformation.
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  • Hot Pink Sapphire Serpent Bracelet
  • Scattered Diamond Serpent Bracelet
  • Diamond Head & Rattler Bracelet
  • Diamond Body Serpent Bracelet
  • Sapphire & Diamond Serpent Bracelet
  • Solid Gold Serpent Bracelet
  • Full Diamond Serpent Bracelet
  • Diamond Eyes & Rattler Serpent Bracelet
  • Black Diamond Serpent Bracelet
  • Double Serpent Necklace
  • Forbidden Fruit-Ruby Red Delicious Ring
  • Forbidden Fruit- Yellow Delicious Ring
  • Forbidden Fruit- Granny Smith Ring
  • Small Wrapping Serpent
  • Medium Wrapping Serpent
  • Large Wrapping Serpent
  • Hot Pink Shedding Skin Ring
  • Coiled Serpent Ring
  • Black Diamond Coiled Serpent Earrings
  • Small Coiled Serpent Earrings
  • Medium Coiled Serpent Earrings
  • Individual Small Bite Earring Diamond Body
  • Small Bite Earrings Diamond Body
  • Individual 7cm Bite Earring
  • 7cm Bite Earrings All Diamond
  • 7cm Bite Earrings
  • GIA Certified Serpent Ring